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Today’s scribble is tomorrow’s masterpiece
Nurture creative talent in your toddler with the right tools.
Presented by My First Crayola

As kids, there is no limit to our imaginations. However, for some of us, the curiosity and sense of wonder that fuels our imaginations gets lost as we get older. From as early as kindergarten we begin to learn the right way and the wrong way of doing things. We learn mathematics and science, biology, business and politics. Rational thought begins to take over. Creativity somehow becomes less important. But is it?

It is evident that we are seeing a resurgence of the importance of creativity in our lives today. Our world comprises complex problems that require innovation and a creative approach to problem solving. For this reason alone, it is so important to nurture creativity and imagination in our children far beyond kindergarten. Get an early start by encouraging your toddler to be creative. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Get some art supplies! Toddlers don’t need much to get creative. Help them out with some basic paper and crayons – in lots of great colours. Try My First Crayola™ Triangular Crayons. Their unique triangular shape helps little fingers gain better control while developing fine motor skills.
  • Show your enthusiasm by taking their art seriously. Encourage your toddler to tell you about their artwork, how they created it and why they chose the colours and shapes they did.
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome. Avoid asking “What is it?”. The picture may be an experiment of pattern and colour rather than a picture of the family dog.

  • Remember to shake things up by introducing new materials and mediums. Toddlers can cut out shapes and glue them on their pictures with My First Crayola™ Safety Scissors, or mould unique shapes using My First Crayola™ Super Soft Dough. Consider introducing paint as a new, fun way to make pictures. The sky’s the limit!
  • Most importantly, when it comes to nurturing creativity, remember to have fun!
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